The surroundings

Our town


In the south of the bay of the Somme, near Le Crotoy waits the medieval city of Saint Valery sur Somme, which is adapted at its geographical situation.
In this very touristy city you will discover the typical districts of the harbour, fishermen and the old part of the city. 

The surrounding villages and cities

Le Crotoy

The city of Le Crotoy, located near Saint Valery sur Somme in the heart of the bay of the Somme, is the only beach of the Nord department that is south orientated and protected of the sea winds.
Thanks to its geographical situation and its culture, the bay of the Somme can offer you an endless list of pleasant trips and discoveries.

Le Hourdel

The small harbour of Le Hourdel is located in the far southern end of the bay of the Somme. It is also called la pointe du Hourdel. According to the tide you can watch the return of the fishing boats and buy some fresh fish.

Le Bois de Cise

Between Mers-les-Bains and Ault lies the peaceful Le Bois de Cise, a small and woody valley between two rocky costs who open itself for the sea. You can go for a walk and enjoy the lovely villas with woodwork or go for a swim at the small beach near the rocky costs. In short, you find in this charming place all the peace and serenity that you are looking for.


Mers-les-Bains is a classified bathing resort at the picardy coast, at 30 km of the bay of the Somme, near Le Tréport. This unique French boulevard with colourful façades, balconies and bow windows, was classified in 1986 and still shows the charm of the belle époque.


This little historical city forms with Mers-les-Bains and Le Tréport a group of three sister cities. The personality and originality of Eu are indisputable. Many architectural and historical places, as Château d’Eu and la Collégiale, are located in the heart of the town. Wand around in the flowering streets and alleys with houses in typical Normandy style.

Le Tréport

You can’t miss this city with a lovely and family atmosphere. With its very active fishing harbour, Le Tréport is the place to be for all seafood lovers. Go for a trip to the rocky coast on the funicular, have a break on the beach and enjoy a dive into the waves or venture a small bet in the casino. During summer there is even so much animation, you think you are in Las Vegas !

Unmissable visits

The chapel of St Valery called « des marins »

Monk Gualaric (then written Walaric, Walric and Valery) lead a solitary life in Saint-Valery from 611 till his death in 622. A chapel was built in his honour and was called « Chapelle des marins". Pay attention to the checked structure of the walls and the spring of fidelity, near the chapel.

The ornological park of Le Marquenterre

In the heart of the nature reserve of the bay of the Somme you have to visit the ornithological park of Le Marquenterre. The park is the ideal stopping place for different migratory birds. Thanks to the park you can enjoy the unique and lovely local fauna.

The abbey and gardens of Valloires

The abbey was constructed in the 18th century and the gardens, extended over 8 hectares, were created by Gilles Clémen. The present a unique collection of 5000 pieces and variety of plats, planted by theme.

The house of the bay of the Somme and the bird

Discover the fauna and flora of the bay of the Somme with more than 200 species of birds of the bay of the Somme or of the park of Le Marquenterre. Each day there is a show with birds of prey.

The castle Fort de Rambures

Fortress and feudal jewellery of the 15th century, historical and furnished monument that is classified since 1840 for its military architecture of the end of the Middle Ages.

The museum of the Caudron brothers

Personal objects show the work of the Caudron brothers, pioneers of aviation in Picardy, and draw a parallel to the evolution of aviation from 1909 to 1939.


The railway of the bay of the Somme

One of the symbols of the bay of the Somme. You discover the bay in a different way while sitting in a train from the early 20th century pulled by a steam engine.

La Maison des Guides

Trips on the water in a kayak or a canoe accompanied by professionals. Stable and save boats are guaranteed. You will become one with nature and sail along birds and seals...

Le Domaine du Marquenterre

Discover the flora and fauna on this 1000 ha domain thanks to a range of activities: horseback rides, trips by bike of electric vehicles… Have a total relaxation in an exceptional place.

Le Bateau de la Baie

Embark for an unforgettable boat tour in the heart of the bay of the Somme, one of the most beautiful bays of the world. During the different trips, captain Philippe Forest loves to tell you the history of the bay and anecdotes of the villages you will be passing by.


CLand yachts, bikes, crossing the bay on foot… All round the bay Noshoes welcomes you in Saint-Valery and Le Crotoy to fully enjoy the bay of the Somme!

The golf courts of Abbeville and Nampont

Abbeville: a court of 18 holes that require a technical insight of the game and the pleasure of the walks in the open air.

Nampont: two courts of 18 holes located in the park of a 15th century castle.


Sailing school in Fort-Mahon-Plage teaches you to sail in preserved littoral waters: an other way to discover the lovely picardy coast.

Le Relais de la Baie

Bar-gallery in Noyelles-sur-Mer, owned by Pippa Darbyshire, a painter who fell in love with the bay of the Somme.